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Cathedral of St. Barbara

Cathedral of St. Barbara is a three-aisled Gothic church in Kutna Hora. The construction of the church of St. Barbara began in 1388, according to some sources, this building should be twice the length of the boat than the current temple.

Cathedral of St. Barbara Cathedral of St. Barbara


Ossuary is in underground of All Saints Cemetery in the Cistercian monastery in Sedlec near Kutna Hora. On site of the chapel was originally located the church's cemetery. At the local cemetery under the rule of Otakar II.,the earth from the Holy Land was scattered. At the cemetery, the dead of the plague in 1318 were buried, about 30,000 deads. The bones were stored in the chapel after the Hussite wars, when the cemetery was phased out. Bone decoration is in the chapel from the 17th century, today decoration come from the period of repairs in 1870. Total estimate is, that there are remains of 40,000 people.

Ossuary Ossuary

Italian Court

Italian Court is an important historical and cultural monument located in Kutna Hora. It is a former royal palace with Mint, built in the 13th century and later rebuilt many times. There were coined silver coins - the Prague Groschen. As such, together with the Church of St Barbara and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Italian Court Italian Court

Palace Kacina

Palace Kacina is one of the most important buildings of Empire architecture in the country. It is about 6.5 km northeast from Kutna Hora, at the village of Svatý Mikuláš, at the road to village Nové Dvory. There is a museum of Czech village, which was founded already in 1891 and falls under the administration of the Agricultural Museum.

Palace Kacina Palace Kacina
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